Dog Days Magazine - 2024


Hello DogDays Yearbook 2024. Six years and nine publications later and we are still here. It’s been (almost) the same procedure as usual. As every year, we take you on a trip around the globe. We met skate crews from different continents (Berlin, New Jersey, Singapore, and Colombia), because crew love is true love. We chatted with veteran Simon Tiller on UK’s vert history and Slovenian’s finest Katja Djukič, who just made Team Riedell. Austin based skater Ashley Galvan talks on traveling the world and the benefits of morning routines and Nemo DeBevoise gives an insight into what it’s like to be part of Lazo. Including a poster of the freshly crowned Aussie/NZ MVP Keeks to hang above your bed!

The DogDays Magazine yearbook 2024 is a high-quality print product, full magazine size, printed by a local printer in Germany. Everything is made for roller skaters by skaters