Building your custom skates is simple.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Bring in (or ship) your shoes.

  2. Figure out what kind of skating you’ll be doing. Skatepark? Rink? Street?

  3. Tell us what you want (plates, trucks, wheels, toe stops).

  4. Patiently wait for your new dream custom skates!

Typically, it takes us about 1-2 weeks if we have all the parts you want in shop (expect a longer wait time if we need to order specific skate parts) to build out a custom pair of skates. But don't worry, we'll contact you as soon as they're ready.

Custom Skate Mounting Services

    If you already have your plates, parts, and shoes- we can mount them for you.

    How much will your custom skates costs?

    Mounting fee+ insole (if needed)
    + Plate
    + Wheels
    + Bearings
    = Estimate of new pair of customs

     All Custom Skates

    Mounting Fee $50
    Remounting Fee $80
    Metal insole (if needed) Needed for most sneakers, boots may not need it. $30


    Sure Grip Rock Plate (different colors available)                                                            $85
    NTS Century Plate (no toe stops)                                                                                    $115
    Avanti Aluminum                                                                                           $135
    Avenger Aluminum $165
    Sure Grip Avanti Magnesium $220
    Avenger Magnesium $220
    Powerdyne Reactor Neo $220
    Sure Grip Lo Ride $260
    Powerdyne Reactor Pro $319
    Arius Plate $400


    Reds $38
    Super Reds $65
    Better Bearings $36
    Reds Ceramics $195


    *Price is for 8 pack of wheels 

    Outdoor Wheels (Soft)


    Sonar $50
    Atom $60
    Sure Grip Aerobic $60
    Radical Wheels $70
    Radar Energy $80
    Luminous Light Up $90
    Radar Crush $100
    Hybrid Wheels (Indoor & Outdoor)
    Grindstone $90
    Roller Bones Day of the Dead $96
    Roller Bones TURBO & NITRO $160
    Skatepark & Street
    Last Supper $72-90
    Huck $80
    Bont Park Flow $100
    Roller Bones Bowl Bombers $110
    Roller Bones: Elite $110
    Sure Grip: Fame $65
    Rollerbones Team $65
    All American Plus $85
    Luminous 95a &100a $90
    Radar Crush $100
    Roller Bones: Elite $110
    Fomac: Mini & Regular $110
    Velvet $110
    Sure Grip Fibers  $140
    All American Dream 


    Have any questions?

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