About Us

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Our lives have revolved around skating for many years.
We've invested a ton of time, energy, & love into the skate community here in the city of Las Vegas and this shop is just an extension of that. 
Without being able to play derby during the pandemic, we ventured into skateparks, street skating, and rhythm skating.
And let's just say we’re completely obsessed and there's no going back.


Here at Death Drop, we’re bringing you:

  • different types and styles of adult and children roller skates

  • skate parts and hardware 

  • tools

  • safety gear

  • accessories

  • skater apparel

  • mounting and maintenance services

  • custom skates 


We're dedicated to uplifting the skate community.

Listen, this isn’t about US. It’s about YOU. We’re here to uplift and strengthen the local Vegas skate community which is exactly why we want to partner with you… 🤝

So if you or someone you know is a: 

  • Maker ✂️
  • Artist 🎨 
  • Small Biz Owner 📦

Let us know because we’d love to sell your items/ art in our skate shop. 

We mean it when we say our shop is skater run and operated, and we want as much skater involvement as possible!

This shop is for YOU. 

We're open to carrying other items if that's what you need. Email us with any requests and we can look into adding it to our inventory.

So whether you’re currently obsessed with or looking to get into skateparks, derby, street skating, jam skating, rhythm skating, or cruising around your neighborhood- we've got you covered.

Not sure what type of skating you want to get into? No problem, come by the shop and we're happy to help you find the perfect pair of skates for you. 

We can't wait to see your faces in the shop! 

Got questions? Let us know over at info@deathdropskates.com 📧