Last Supper - Holy Grail Classic Wheels


Treat your feet to a religious experience with these Last Supper Classic Wheels! The Holy Grail of street skating, these wheels are the perfect blend of durability and performance. This heavenly combination will keep you rolling smoothly from birth to resurrection! 🤘

- 52MM

- 99 Duro

- Riding Surface: 17.5mm

- Classics: Round, has a smaller riding surface which creates less friction & has better agility.

- Holy Grail Gold Core

Stoneground Finish: Meaning your wheels arrive ready to hit thos


- Flat Spot Resistant.

- Sold in packs of 4. 

You will need (2) packs for a complete set (8 Wheels) for roller-skates.

- Has a small diameter, weighs less, with a small riding surface making it ideal for technical skaters since it creates less friction, will be faster, provides more agility, helps with longer slides/grinds, is perfect for speed & control.