Whew! October was busyyyyy! We are super grateful for the opportunities we had this month and had so much fun! Thank you everyone who attended our events and thank you Down n Derby and Mecca for inviting us to your events!

OCT 7th

We attended the 3rd annual Mecca Ditch Race! They had both quad and skateboard competitions for prizes. Two of our team skaters got 2nd and 3rd place! This event is definitely getting bigger every year and we are excited for its growth! Follow them online for the latest updates.

 Mecca Ditch Race logo

Rage and Benny holding 2nd and 3rd place trophies

OCT 12th

We were invited to host Down n Derby at Gold Spike! We raffled off a couple different prizes including wheels, bearings, and a pair of skates! Congrats to our winners and thank you to everyone for attending we had an amazing time!

Jackie jumping on skates 

OCT 13th

We had our Friday the 13th themed TRUNK OR TREAT! We invited three car clubs: Motion Car Club, Viejitos Car Club, and Slicker than Slime. We also had local artists and vendors come through to join the fun, local DJ Edoc, and two food vendors Chef Loui and Birria Maldita, and even a tattoo artist @softslimeart doing flash tattoos! It was so busy and fun, we are happy to have a fun event for the kiddos and collab with other communities. We will be having a toy drive with Motion CC in December!

People walking around shopping and looking at the nice cars 



We attended Vegfest to show the vegan community that we offer non leather skate options! Made a lot of connections and got a lot of locals excited about roller skating. Also, the food was delicious!

Death Drop booth at Veg Fest

OCT 26th

Down N Derby asked us to participate in their final event of the season! We had the same raffle we have been doing at their event and Down N Derby had costume contests for cash prizes. We helped assist in the costume contest.

Death Drop booth at Down n Derby

A group of roller skaters posing for a photo


November 14, 2023 — Cindy Moreno