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@lrynllls on instagram

What type of art do you make? What mediums do you use? 

paintings, prints, and oil pastel works that is focused on the feminine experience and the natural world, bordering on expressionism and surrealism

What inspires you to make art? 

I’m inspired by nature, my own experience and the experiences of others as a female, dream-like states, and spirituality

Why did you start making art?

As a child, I would create art to express myself. As I got older, that developed into also trying to depict what I thought was beautiful or harsh about the world.

Is there anything in particular that you want your viewer to think about or feel when they see your art?

I would like viewers to remain open minded and take from my art what resonates with them.

Are there any artists that inspire you?

One of my favorite artists is John William Waterhouse. Although, I also love @pollynor, @squidvishuss, and @valfre on instagram.

How has, if at all, skating effected your art?

Although skating isn’t a major influence on my art, I can connect the two on the concepts of freedom and expression. When I think about skating, I view it as a way to experience the freedom of being on wheels, expressing oneself in a physical way, and a way to feel connected to others. With art, it is a tool for communicating and expressing oneself freely through a creative means.




May 20, 2022 — Cindy Moreno
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