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instagram: zombea666 & fromthebeahive_ etsy: Fromthebeahive

What type of art do you make? What mediums do you use? 

I’ve been sewing a lot but I like to work with different things and have a broad spectrum like painting and making jewelry.

What inspires you to make art? 

I always loved to draw and color as a kid so being able to get creative always taps into the nostalgia of being younger.

Why did you start making art?

I started painting in 2016 and picked up sewing around the end of 2020

Is there anything in particular that you want your viewer to think about or feel when they see your art?

Never limit yourself. I aim to make all sorts of different things and using different mediums or even trying to use different mediums together. I want to try to become a jack of all trades when it comes to art and creativity, because why not?!

Are there any artists that inspire you? N/A

 How has, if at all, skating effected your art? Skating has most definitely affected my art. once i started skating in july 2021, i started to look at everything i made and thought “how can i incorporate with skates? What can i do to help skating be more accessible or maybe even fashionable?”




May 20, 2022 — Cindy Moreno
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